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For over a decade Jamie A. Kelsch has been carefully hand crafting her one-of-a-kind jewelry with hersignature style and a fine eye for detail. After graduating from high school in Cincinnati, she went to Lexington to attend the University of Kentucky. While studying art history, she had the opportunity to intern at a decorative arts museum founded by jewelry designer George Headley. Exposure to his beautiful designs inspired her to pursue her own creative ideas in the world of jewelry design. Jamie longed for the mountains of the west and fell in love with Colorado! She transferred to Colorado State University and received a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts with a concentration in metalsmithing. Using various fabrication techniques learned under Nilda Getty, she created her own unique line that combines fine art with fashionable jewelry.

The philosophy behind Jamie’s work is that any great artist should not only make beautiful and well crafted pieces, but should also possess the ability to create a wide variety of styles. Creativity should never become stagnant. Jamie draws inspiration from her love of the natural world in juxtaposition to industrial urban landscapes, which creates an ever-evolving line. Jamie’s sophisticated designs are adored by every type and age of women. Jamie is continually expanding her line, working within the space where edgy meets elegant and simple defines bold.

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